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Toledo kitchen remodeling design trends

Whether or not you choose to follow the latest kitchen design trends is completely up to you. Some people are all about designing around what's "in" and some are the complete opposite, wanting to rebel in order to express their own unique style.

If you are looking for trending design ideas for your Toledo Kitchen Remodeling project, one thing to remember is that any trend should be tweaked to your personal tastes. You'll also want to consider your family and what they might like or want when it comes to the design.

A good designer takes all aspects of the space into account as well. This includes size of the room, the layout, the natural light available, and many other factors. What is trending and looks great in one kitchen may not be good for another kitchen.

With these things in mind, here are some kitchen remodeling design trends from our Toledo Kitchen Remodeling Contractors for you to consider.

Trending Colors For Kitchen Remodeling

Lately, the focus has been on calming, relaxing colors when home remodeling. This color trend extends to kitchen remodeling as well. One difference is the influx of mixed metals into the design plan. By mixing metals, you contrast the yellow metals with the white metals. For instance, mixing stainless steel with copper.

Trending Textures For Kitchen Remodeling

Texture plays an important role in design because it creates drama and depth. Smooth, clean textures are trending in kitchen remodeling. However, they are often offset by a textural element with flooring or walls to create interest.

Trending Kitchen Countertop Materials

At one time laminate was the hot new countertop material. Another favorite was granite. Another period solid concrete countertops topped as a new trend. Still another stainless steel.

It seems today, the focus is on eco-friendly composite countertops that don't give off harmful VOCs. They are formed of fly ash or recycled paper. They are resistant to stains, scratches, and heat. They inhibit bacteria growth. Granite is still much loved, and engineered stone is wonderful for a contemporary kitchen.

Trending Kitchen Floor Plans

More than ever before, kitchen floor plans are opening up. At one time, rooms were sectioned and then began to open up to make the home more airy. Now, instead of a peek-a-boo wall between the kitchen and other areas, half wall, or sections of wall to hide dirty dishes, everything is open. In fact, the trend may become even more industrial like to where walls completely disappear except for bedrooms.

More windows are being installed to open up the space even further. Functional floor plans are also being considered a higher priority, which fits into the idea of a more open space.

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