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As a family-owned Toledo Design and Build Remodeling company, we at Wright & Son Construction know what it's like to want to take care of elderly parents. When parents are aging, it is more convenient if they are nearby so we can easily help them when needed.

Sometimes it isn't easy for an elderly person to be comfortable with moving from the home they've lived in for so many years. And it can be hard on them to be the one that forces them to uproot their lives, even when there's no other choice.

A home addition on your Toledo house could make a huge difference in their ability to stay independent yet have the help they need throughout their golden years.

Detached Cottage Additions & Apartments For Grandma Or Grandpa

Building a separate cottage or apartment addition could be the key to solve all the problems that come with having someone like your mom or dad live with you. It would certainly be easier for them to make the adjustment. Plus, you and your family don't have to deal with having an extra person around in the space you already share. Sure, we all love and cherish our family, but that one extra person can create some discomfort, especially if it's for years.

Plus, with the custom build, your contractor will customize everything to suit their aging needs. Lower countertops, lower sinks, safety equipment in the bathroom and kitchen or elsewhere around the home, ramps, handicap bathrooms, custom shelving, wheelchair accessible spaces all over, quality lighting in specific workspaces, and more can be done to improve their lifestyle and make things easier for everyone.

We know your parents need to still live as independently as possible, so custom build contractors like us have a lot of great ideas in mind to help you make your selections and get the design right for them.

About Our Custom Additions In Toledo

Our designers pay close attention to your needs and can always make great suggestions for you. From beginning to end, our focus will be on the end result where your elderly parents will have a quality lifestyle in a safe environment built to suit their personal needs.

With over forty years in the custom home building business, Wright Construction & Son has built cottage and apartment home additions. If your home is located in Toledo or nearby, we can help you create the space you need.

We can turn your home into a place where your elderly parents can feel welcome and at home to share life experiences with you and your family. What better gift can you give them than to offer them a beautiful custom built cottage or apartment to live in that's close to you and their grandchildren? Even if you wind up only using the space for visiting parents or guests, it will be functional and a great addition onto your home.

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