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Benefits of Natural Sunlight

Natural sunlight

Nothing compares to the warm feeling of sunshine across your face after a cold, dreary winter. Natural sunlight can make your house healthier, safer, and more comfortable. By having an ample amount of natural sunlight inside your house, you can lift your spirits and improve your health. Additionally, a large amount of natural light gives you the ability to be more in tune with nature. This concept of using windows, patio doors, and entry doors to create homes that connect people with the natural world.

On top of making you feel healthier, a boost in natural lighting can save on energy. Enhancing the sun’s light and warmth inside your home can keep you more comfortable without having to touch your thermostat or light switch.

How to increase the natural lighting in your home:

  • Trade heavy drapes for sheer window treatments
  • Putting mirrors on walls opposite from windows or glass doors can also create twice the amount of light in a room.
  • Install a skylight or sun tunnel to immediately add more sunlight in the darker areas like hallways.
  • Replace undersized windows or doors on spacious wall areas to picture windows or bay windows with seating to maximize natural light in your room.
  • Transom windows above your existing windows to increase light and maintain privacy. If you cannot enlarge the window opening, you can still increase the amount of sunlight coming in by switching to window styles with narrower frames.
  • Switch a light-blocking solid exterior door with one that is partially or all glass. If you have the wall space and interior and exterior ground space that makes sense for a larger door, go with a sliding glass door, French doors, or even a folding glass wall to transform the space into a veritable sunroom. Or, add a window above the door to make a budget-friendly and stylish upgrade and illuminate the entry space. You can add attractive sidelights along the sides of your home's front door for unique, energy-free lighting in your entry space.

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