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Toledo basement renovations

Are you getting ready to launch your upcoming basement renovation project? With the right tools and the right information your renovation can go smoothly and you'll save time and money along the way. We can help you transform your basement into a brand new room with these basement finishing tips from Wright and Son Construction.

Start With The Foundation

Whether you are starting from scratch with an empty basement or your looking to revitalize your current setup, it is essential to be stabilize your basement and insulate it from all possible water or air invasion. It doesn't matter how nicely you decorate the area. If there are places where moisture or air can penetrate then it can destroy everything in the room in a relatively short period of time. Securing the room can include checking for leaks or the possibility of leaks like cracks in the foundation or loose window frames. You may also need to inspect all the wiring, plumbing, duct work coming from the AC or any other systems that are connected to the rest of the home. Make sure you basement is fully insulated and safe.

Utilized Your Basement Area

Basement remodeling instantly adds value to your home and gives you additioal options for living space. So it's important to maximize the space you're using and get the most out of it. This may adjusting the floor plan around a bit or adjusting one of your home's systems, i.e., plumbing or wiring, in order to accommodate your room. Maximizing your floor space will make your basement more inviting and create more useful space for our basement. Whether you are considering a den, game room, guest bedroom, or even a private study, you want to create an area that is perfect for your purpose.

Go With Quality Remodeling Products

When it comes to remodeling your basement it is important to remember that every product you purchase is going to be in a level below the ground. This should help you determine what type of products you purchase. This is especially true when installing foundational items such as insulation, drywall, flooring, wiring, plumbing and other items. It's important to invest in durable products that will last a lifetime and protect your room and all decor and furniture. When you start to sacrifice quality in an attempt to save money, then you'll end up regretting it down the road. Remember, any type of home improvement, basement renovation or remodeling you do is going to be an investment that will either add value to your home or take it away.

The Sky Is The Limit!

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners commit when when remodeling their basement is putting little thought into how the addition will actually change the home environment. Therefore, there's not much creativity given to the project and the room becomes nothing more than a decorated storage area. If you're going to spend time, money, resources, and energy into upgrading your basement then now is the time to get creative. There are numerous options available to you. Create a room environment that the entire family will enjoy spending time in over and over again.

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