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Toledo window installation

Let's face it. For most homeowners, investing in brand new windows is a daunting task. The biggest question is often 'where do I begin, and what do I look for'? The good news is that there are endless options for you to choose from. Today's modern windows come with many features and are built with far more durable construction then ever before. You can also choose from a number of designs and styles that perfectly compliment your home. As you begin the process of buying windows there are specific items you'll want to consider.


At the top of the list is the most obvious issue, and that is energy efficiency. Although it's tempting to put design and style a as a top priority you need to ask yourself how much you windows are going to cost you. Not the initial investment, but, rather, how much money are they going to save you on your energy bill each month. Everything hinges (pardon the pun) on that one factor. Windows are designed to fight tightly around the frame of your home, and keep air from seeping in or creeping out of your home. A great way to assess the efficiency of a window is to find them on the Energy Star Program site, which is the authority on window quality and efficiency.

How Much Do They Cost?

With all the window options out there and the features they come with, the price y ou'll pay per window (or square footage) varies considerably. A standard double pane window generally costs around $150 per unit. Once you start adding features such as triple pane, fiberglass frames, or specialty coating and designs, then your price will skyrocket all the way up to $800 per window. The keys is to balance savings and value. After all, you may save on the front end with a less expensive window, but the results in just 2-3 years could leave you with overwhelming feelings of regret. The key is to do your research and ask a Toledo remodeling contractor.

Popular Window Choices

Windows can be constructed from any number of materials. This is why the options seem limitless. Here is a short list of some of the most popular and suggested window types on the market.

  • Fiberglass - Fiberglass windows are steadily growing in popularity with homeowners in Toledo. Fiberglass may give you the more value for your money. It's extremely durable. With Fiberglass you never have to worry about warping, rotting or cracking as with other types windows. If you're looking for flexibility in design and style, however, then you may not find what you're looking for, as they have limited designs and colors.
  • Aluminum - Although aluminum windows have enjoyed longevity in the market, they are steadily on the decline. But don't count them out, as they are still a smart choice for homeowners. Aluminum windows seem to last forever and are as wind or impact resistant as any other type of window. And because they are extremely tough, the frames are thinner which gives you more window space.
  • Wood - There are as many pros to windows are as there are cons. Wood is easily the most attractive and elegant choice for customers who like that classic look. Wood is easy to paint and repaint, and with the right treatment, wood can last for several years. But the problems with wood can be critical. Wood doesn't stand up to harsh weather, and is easily susceptible to rot, mold, cracking, warping, and other problems.

Modern Window Features

Contemporary windows are now available with lots of cool useful features and unique designs. So before you settle for the same old window design that you've always had, do your homework and explore what modern windows have to offer. For instance, windows can now be made to be sunlight and temperature sensitive. There is now coating on the market that reduces water and moisture collecting on the glass. There are also features such as tilt -n- turn dual action for easier cleaning. Some popular designs include awning windows, jalousie windows and glass block windows.

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